Biking in Winter


More stability on the snow, run the lowest tire pressure you can without getting a pinch flat. The widest tires that you can fit on your bike. If you want a bit more traction in icy conditions, consider investing in a tire chain. The problem with winter riding is not on slick ice or snow but on rutted ice or muddy snow. You could fall over if your front wheel gets stuck in a rut or starts slipping in muddy snow. Consider investing in a fat tire if you want more traction in icy conditions. The widest tires you can fit on your bike, more stability on the snow, and run the lowest tire pressure you can without getting a pinch flat.With our 20*4.0 All-terrain fat tires, the tire width reaches 10CM, Anti-Skid and Anti-Vibration, the span is larger, and the comfort is higher.


Daylight is fleeting in wintertime, so be prepared to ride in total darkness. This means bright lights and reflectivity that can't be ignored. Get the brightest lighting you can afford, especially at the front. Having two light sources at the front and two at the back provides backup if one light fails and provides multiple viewable points. The brightest one is placed on the handlebars; the other is placed on your arm or helmet so you can direct it independently of the handlebar-mounted light. Place the brightest safety flashing light on the back of your bike and the other on your helmet, backpack, or clothing. Deploying the lights in this way allows the two lights to move slightly differently, which can be more effective in attracting the attention of drivers, in case putting a damper on road safety. 


Cycling gloves will keep your hands dry and warm in winter. Look for the warmest pair of gloves ( for example, wool gloves, full waterproof gloves) that still give you full control of your brakes and shifters. You also need them to have a good grip in wet weather.


Cold temps drain the battery quickly, so minimize how long the battery is outdoors. It is recommended to use 2-5 times a month in winter, and charge twice per month. While you can’t do anything about the temperature outside when you ride, you can remove the battery each night and store it inside a heated room. Bezior XF001 supplies a 18650 lithium removable battery pack, completely hidden inside the frame, waterproof and dustproof. The power-assisted mode can reach 80KM.


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